Welcome to Designathon Works community

Connecting global educators, empowering children to design a better world.

Why Designathon Works Community?

Designathon Works community is a network of global educators committed to empowering children to design a better world. The community joins forces to promote the Designathon method, education as a key to tackling climate change, and children as agents of change.

The Results You'll Get

We have worked in over 50 countries with over 100,000 children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.
The Designathon Works community and Designathon method will enable you to:

  • Connect and share experiences with educators worldwide.
  • Improve your teaching skills: e.g. STEAM, design thinking, 21st-century skills, global citizenship.
  • Empower your students to become agents of change, promoting environmental awareness and responsibility.

When You Join Today

When you join Designathon Works community today, you’ll get access to:

  • Designathon method resources to better educate your students on environmental and societal issues.
  • International classroom challenges such as our annual Global Children's Designathon.
  • A vibrant community of people with the same goals and ambitions.
  • Community Cafe gatherings: Participate in an interactive workshop.
  • Webinars featuring guest speakers and experts in the field of climate change education and child’s agency.
  • Collaboration on international educational projects and fundraising opportunities.